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Private Family Retreats and Coaching

Our model for our Family Retreats and Coaching Center Around:

  • Assessment
  • Alignment
  • Action
  • Accountability

Step One:

We will establish a benchmark for your family as individuals and as a unit. We do this utilizing assessments and interviews to not only provide a reference for measuring success, but to increase understanding of each other and yourselves.

Step Two:

We provide foundational skills and tools including healthy communication approaches in order to build alignment within the family. Once that clarity exists, you are able to develop a shared vision and values that then shape individual and family goals. From there we determine and teach any goal specific skills/ tools.

Step Three:

We offer support through creative ways of keeping everyone accountable to the goals established.

Step Four:

We continue to assess progress and obstacles to determine if pivots are needed.

This is all accomplished through weekly or bi-monthly zoom/ phone calls with each family member individually with myself or a Rich Legacy Coach and a group call with the whole family and myself once a month. Calls range from 20-60 minutes.

Benefits of this Unique Program:

learn about the issues specific to each members family and affluent families as a whole

bond with your family through common goals, service, quality time, and fun

create an environment where asking for help is encouraged and frequent regardless of the topic

reduce family stress through enhanced communication and the defining and adoption of shared family values

realistic solutions to common issues, e.g. screen time, homework, chores, etc

motivating through example, clear boundaries, and questions rather than commands

embracing failure and hard work as a learning opportunity to build resilience

instill a personal development attitude toward physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing

Life Skills
kids learn goal setting, work ethic, personal development, planning, communication, accountability, resilience, and more

develop and deepen appreciation for everyone’s unique abilities, buttons, and perspective

learn and practice being in control of your reaction to the highs and lows life brings

Private Family Retreat (click for brochure)

Bradley and another Rich Legacy Family Coach facilitate a powerful experience to kick off, accelerate and maintain progress for the whole family in a fun, supportive and nurturing environment.

Every family who has participated has elected to make these retreats a yearly tradition.

Family Program Options

Note, all programs include a monthly family call with Bradley and your coach.

Program: Their Legacy
Includes: Unlimited coaching sessions
Length: 3 Months

Program: Our Legacy
Includes: Weekly coaching sessions divided up as
needed amongst your family for a maximum of two hours
Length: 3 Months

Program: My Legacy
Includes: Bi-Weekly coaching sessions divided up as needed amongst your family for a maximum of four hours every month.
Length: 6 Months