Resilience – Raising Kids That Bounce Back


Resilience is the ability to recover from a stressful event, be that failure, rejection, or trauma.
Resilience results in better health, increased happiness and greater success. Best of all…
…it’s teachable.

Unconditional Connection
Connection is one of Rich Legacy’s five pillars of high-performing family success. Everything starts with connection!
In her article “How to Build Resilient Kids, Even After A Loss” Sheryl Sandberg contributor at the New York Times shares advice she received about raising resilient children:

tell my kids over and over how much I love them and that they are not alone.

Resilient kids know their parents love them unconditionally, in good times and bad, and never feel alone!

Understanding Matters
Your kids know that you love them unconditionally. They feel connected to you, but do they really understand that their actions and interests matter to you?

Do they understand that their actions matter to everyone who loves them?

Sociologists explain that “mattering” is the belief that other people not only care about you, but notice you and rely on you.

When kids understand that their actions matter to the people in their lives, they are less likely to engage in self-destructive and antisocial behaviors.

Teens who feel they matter are less likely to suffer from depression, low self-esteem and suicidal thoughts. As a result they are less likely to lash out at their families or engage in illegal and harmful behaviors.

Young adults who have grown up “mattering” experience better mental health throughout their lives.

Resilient kids know they matter, which helps them make responsible choices.

Trial and Error
Everything teachable requires practice. This is no less true for resilience. The more your kids practice being resilient the more resilient they will become.

You set your kids up for success by loving them unconditionally and helping them understand that their actions matter.
Now you have to let them fail. They have to experience loss.

We get it, as parents you want to protect your children from loss and failure. This is totally understandable.

Keep in mind that letting your kids fail and experience loss is not the same as making them fail or causing them to experience loss.
Allowing you kids the chance to try, even if they fail, teaches them that failure is useable.

These experiences teach them that they are capable and resourceful in the face of adversity (aka resilient).

Most importantly, recovery from failure builds confidence and helps kids differentiate “failing at something” and “being a failure.” We can’t stress this distinction enough!

Resilient kids know that failure and loss are useable parts of life.

There you have it! Give your kid/s the gift of resilience now. Teach them how to dream big and fail forward. Then watch as they make you prouder than you ever thought possible! When they do, we will be here to help them build their own rich legacy.

By Rich Legacy Team


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