Father of the Year Award – 5 Reasons This Mantra Will Make Your Parenting Worth Celebrating Now and Forever

Are you ready to be parent of the year?

At Rich Legacy we work with what we call “High-Performing Families.” This type of family system is defined by one or more high-performing parent. In some cases this parent is a high-level executive, entrepreneur, or even part of a royal family.

Our goal… to help families find moments of deep and meaningful connection amongst the chaos these lifestyles can attract.


Positive family connections help ensure that the same life skills and character traits that empower parents to thrive are passed on to and instilled in the next generation. In this way we help our clients build a truly rich legacy.

Reframing Parenthood

Another big part of the work we do it helping parents see more clearly that as high-performers they already have all the skills they need to connect in with their children.

High-performance is high-performance.

The same skills that help you thrive in a professional context can help you thrive in a domestic setting, but so many parents fail to realize this simple truth.

The primary difference between the professional self and the domestic self is awareness.

At work you are “on” and everything you do is intentional.

At home, when you are “off the clock” it is far more likely that you will check out and default to habitual behaviors.

Managing Expectations in Relationship

When you pursue a new professional relationship, be that with an individual or a company, do you wing it or do you proceed with specific and strategic expectations?

If you are successful, it’s likely the latter.

Additionally, would you proceed with a relationship without exploring the other parties expectations?


More often than not professional relationships are outlined by contracts with the primary purpose of ensuring that both parties have the same expectations.

Now ask yourself, would you ever draft or sign a contract that promised things you weren’t 110% sure you could deliver?


Under Promise and Over Deliver

“Under Promise and Over Deliver” is a mantra of leaders across cultures and industries. While you’re not going to successfully onboard a new hire or new client with a lame offer your not going to do damage to a professional relationship by over-delivering.

Success in business is about selling people what they explicitly want and need, while also providing them with extra value that is beyond anything they previously imagined to be attainable.

When interacting with your family it can be hard to say “no” and your desire to spend time with and spoil your family can tempt you to over promise, which makes your relationships vulnerable to the side effects of under delivering.

However, if you apply the mantra of “Under Promise and Over Deliver” to your relationship with your spouse and children you will be parent of the year in no time.


5 Reasons

When you integrate this mantra into your romantic relationship and parenting style you will:

  1. prevent disappointment
  2. reduce resentment
  3. build trust
  4. introduce the element of surprise
  5. increase gratitude

So next time you partner or child asks for your commitment to something, ask yourself if you are saying yes out of habit, due to a sense of obligation, or from a place of confidence.

If you aren’t 90% sure you can deliver on your promise, say no!

If you are 90% sure you can deliver on your promise, say yes and have fun thinking about that little something extra you can add to spoil the ones you love.

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