What do successful parents and successful people in general do differently?

“Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers. ” — Tony Robbins

This might be a pivotal reason for your success. Think about the questions you ask yourself or your industry to create better solutions.

Take Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, SpaceX and PayPal, for example. He didn’t ask how to make a better gas car — he set out to create a completely different solution. Steve Jobs wanted us to all have a personal computer and now it sits in our pocket. These are just two of many people who have asked higher level questions, and as a result completely changed industries and the way we interact with our world.

We know you try to ask yourself better questions in business and life, but how are incorporating this in your family life?

I’m sure your spouse is sick of the “Honey, how was your day?” question. What if you asked a more engaging and interesting question like: “How did you make someone smile today?” or “What problems did you solve today?”

Not only do these questions get us to relive the positive things from our day, but they force us to view life differently.


Now think about how this would translate to your children. If your kid spent all day trying to figure out how to solve problems — and learned to ask different, though provoking questions —this could make them more successful. It’s about cultivating growth in your home.

How often have you asked yourself or your child about the things you or they are grateful for?

Some might say it’s a parent’s job to create a well-rounded human being. The older children we talk to about growing up under the guidance of high-performing parents mention how they wish their parents would have let them fail more often.

Think, grow, expand. Question the way you are living. Question the way you are parenting. Question how you are effecting your kids. It’s these people who will change the world and shape the next generation.

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By Rich Legacy