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Family Story

A Rich Legacy Family Story

We want to share a powerful story with you…It’s about a boy and his father.

At just nine years old, Ethan was seeking attention in ways you would consider undesirable. Adam, his father, a Founder, and CEO, was crushing it at work and on the verge of making an impressive exit via the sale of his software company he had worked tirelessly to build in recent years. This resulted in long hours at the office and on the road. It also caused him to grow apart from his son and his family. It happened so gradually he hadn’t really noticed.

Not only were his son’s grades suffering, arguments at home were at an all-time high, he was constantly acting out at school, and even caught shoplifting.

Adam’s growing concern with his son came to a head when he came home from work to the smell of something burning, and smoke coming from behind the house.  Ethan had set his books on fire to mark the end of the school year.

While this attention seeking behaviors exist on a spectrum and look different for everyone, Ethan is not alone in his unhealthy and often self-destructive actions to cope or get attention.

A Family Exhausted…

Adam and his wife tried everything to address these issues on their own but found themselves exhausted with their son’s behavior. It was negatively impacting their relationship, other children, and Adam’s performance at work.

Like many, they explored all kinds of options they hoped would help. They met with school counselors, therapists, and psychiatrists. They tried medication, punishment, and bribery. They felt they had tried it all…Ethan was still acting out.

Adam happened to see Rich Legacy speak at an International Leadership Conference for Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) in Thailand. He connected with the principles and approaches offered that seemed to center around the child’s perspective as the source of power for creating change. This was a new concept to him, so in a last ditch effort, he decided to enlist our help in restoring order to his home and life.

Within a matter of weeks, Ethan and his family began to transform before his eyes.

Through strategic tools, experiences and community, Adam’s family benefited dramatically from Rich Legacy’s 5 Principles for Strong Families.

Improvements Adam’s Family Experienced 

  • Adam’s relationship with his wife is incredible

  • The kids are respectful of their parents and others

  • Adam started looking forward to going home again

  • Ethan received an award for the most improved pupil of the quarter

  • Ethan is finding his passion for entrepreneurship and started his own business

  • Arguments at home became virtually non-existent

  • Kids were both becoming increasingly grateful, responsible, and resilient

  • With home stress on the decline, Adam’s performance at work went up exponentially

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