Becoming A Closer – Work When You Don’t Need The Money (Part 4 of 4)

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Growing up I thought I was so lucky that I didn’t need to sell wrapping paper, cookies, etc. during team fundraisers. I was a kid whose parents would just write a check. Looking back I see this was a lost opportunity to refine my sales skills (a skill I really need now!).

Sales professionals get a bad wrap. When we think about sales we tend to envision pushy and manipulative people who cold call at dinner and spam our inboxes.

While these types of sales professionals do exists, they are amateurs (like me). The real deal sales professionals (like my father) sell with ease and integrity.

Sales isn’t sleazy it’s vital!

The success of any business and to our economy as a whole depends on sales. Without sales companies can not create jobs. Without sales a company can not service clients (they have none). Without sales the economy stops.

If I had started working sooner, or just fundraising for that matter, I would have more experience in sales and could generate income (more or less) on demand. If I could generate income on demand, I could truly approach my sales conversations from a place of service, which would in turn increase my conversion rates and fuel my success.

Today, I still struggle with sales. It’s perhaps my biggest pain point as a professional. I loved to sit with my father and pick his brain, specifically around long sales cycle strategies. Unfortunately, he passed away a few months ago and his wealth of knowledge left with him. My mother, despite her wealth of wisdom, is not a resource when it comes to sales. In fact, they were a power couple, dad made the sales, mom handled the operations. My biggest regret to date, is not being more proactive earlier in my life about asking my dad “how” he made the money he so generously shared with me.

Make your kids work when they don’t need the money, so they can:

  • practice selling,
  • approach sales from a place of service,
  • and experience more success.

Author Bio

Charlie Birch is a Co-Founder and the Director of Program Development at Rebel + Connect a company on a mission to celebrate human connection in the digital age! Rebel + Connect offers custom company retreat planning services for remote teams, operates remotely, and services clients from all over the globe. Charlie also dabbles in the sharing economy, rental real estate, freelance writing, healing arts, life coaching, diversity and inclusion consulting, and behavioral modification services. Charlie has a  Bachelor’s Degree in psychology from Goucher College and studied at  Naropa University’s Graduate School of Psychology with a focus on Somatic Psychology. You can connect with Charlie on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.