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About Us

About Us

“Your story is one every parent should hear. You were ideal kids and your life went astray so quickly. You showed and explain some of the important triggers to look out for with my own children.”  – Cameron Herold, Parent, CEO Coach and International Speaker

Rich Legacy provides tools, experiences, and community that serves as a catalyst for transformation of high-performing parents and their children. Rich Legacy delivers tangible solutions through enhanced self-awareness. How would an improved relationship with your children affect their development and future?

Bradley Callow, Founder

is grateful to be alive. His battles with alcohol, drugs, self-esteem, depression, and suicide started in elementary school despite coming from a good family. Ultimately these struggles would bring him within centimeters of death and a three-year prison sentence at the age of 26.

This painful journey also gave him what he now considers his greatest gifts. Gratitude, Empathy, Mindfulness, and Strength. These gifts provided the mindset and resilience to focus his energy on helping others to find their own passion and purpose.  

Bradley is an award-winning international speaker, conscious entrepreneur, and treatment specialist. Bradley is committed to challenging the status quo and has created a life dedicated to entrepreneurship, consulting, and most recently behavioral health innovation.

His enthusiasm, creativity, and focus on what could be, rather than what is affords him the type of mind which overcomes challenges, creates change, and helps save lives.

Whether working with families, individuals, or in the behavioral health field as a whole, Bradley works to help open people’s minds to possibilities they may never knew existed. He then provides the resources and confidence to explore them.