About Us

About Us

“Your story is one every parent should hear. You were ideal kids and your life went astray so quickly. You showed and explain some of the important triggers to look out for with my own children.”  – Cameron Herold, Parent, CEO Coach and International Speaker

Bradley Callow and Gordie Bufton developed a platform that serves as a catalyst for transformation of high-performing parents and their children. Rich Legacy delivers tangible solutions through enhanced self-awareness. How would an improved relationship with your children affect their development and future?

Bradley Callow

is an international speaker, conscious entrepreneur and treatment specialist. Consulting with businesses on advertising, marketing, and public relations strategies before the age of 20, Callow is no stranger to blazing his own path. Bradley is committed to challenging the status quo and has a passion for helping others to succeed. He has created a life dedicated to entrepreneurship, consulting, and most recently behavioral health innovation. His enthusiasm, creativity, and focus on what could be, rather than what is affords him the type of mind which overcomes challenges, creates change, and helps save lives. Whether working with families, individuals, or in the behavioral health field as a whole, Bradley works to help open people’s minds to possibilities they may never knew existed. He then provides the resources and confidence to explore them.

Gordie Bufton

is an international speaker, family consultant and best-selling author. His book, “Eluding Reality: A Memoir about Drugs, Psych Wards, and Recovery” captures the gritty realities of drug abuse. Gordie’s story simultaneously portrays the strength that we can all drawn upon to overcome the harshest of circumstances. Inspired by the heart-felt feedback to his book, he took to the road to share his experience, strength, and hope. He has stimulated a profound response from audiences at over 80 events with thousands attendees. His passionate and systematic commitment to helping prevent others from experiencing the hardships he faced is palpable. He is an avid meditator and Ironman.