9 High Performance Parenting Strategies That Will Make You Look Like Superdad to Your Kids

Jim is the epitome of high performance parenting. Connecting with his kids seems to come so easily to Jim. He’s like Superdad. He seems to know exactly what to say and when to say it and his kids worship the ground he walks on!

There is nothing you want more in this world than to have that type of relationship with your kid/s. You’re doing the best you can with the time and skills you have, but fatherhood just leaves you feeling clumsy and amateurish.

Good news! You are not alone.

Better news! It doesn’t have to be that way.

At Rich Legacy, our mission is to help fathers like you become the best you can be. You and your kid/s deserve a deeply meaningful relationship that will provide mutual benefit now and for years to come.

Throughout the years we have had a chance to talk with hundreds of families from across the globe, while each family is different, commons themes do exist!


Parent Like A Pro!

We get it — you spend 40+ hours a week in your “pro” mode! It can be hard to turn that off! That’s why we want to help you see that you don’t have too!

Just take that same attention to detail and care for relational dynamics that you bring to your professional relationships and apply them to your relationship with your kid/s.

Superdads take fatherhood seriously!


Make Family Time a Top Priority!
Think about the amount of time you reserve for and invest in pursuing your professional goals.

Would you be where you are today if you didn’t make work a priority?


Guard the you schedule and spend with your kid/s in the same way you would important work time or meetings with clients!

Superdads make quality time a top priority!  


Under Promise & Over Deliver

Would you ever make a promise to a client or customer if you weren’t 99% sure you could deliver?

At work you are strategic about your commitments, because your reputation and professional integrity are paramount! You makes choices everyday about what you can and can’t commit to!

Do the same with your kids! It is seriously that simple.

Superdads show up!


Put Your Phone Away

Would you spend an important business meeting checking your phone, texting, and emailing?

Whenever possible, spend time with your kids without the distraction of technology.

Yes, that’s right! No technology.

Superdads are present!


Become Obsessed!

When starting on a new project or professional collaboration, your success is based on the degree to which you become obsessed (in a healthy and sustainable way!).  

Kids are smart. They are creative. They are passionate! When you are spending time with your kid/s, engage them.  Get curious about their lives and learn how they view and process the world.

Even if they seem distant at first, keep at it!

Superdads are persistent and patient!



When talking to an important prospect or client do you spend more time talking or more time listening? 

Since you are good at what you do, you probably answered – listening!

Everyone wants to be heard – especially your kids!

Listening to your kid/s makes them feel heard, which is one of the best ways to improve, rebuild, or create connection.

Superdads make their kid/s feel heard!


Play Together!

Have you ever taken an important prospect or client golfing, out to dinner, or to see a big sporting event?

Why do you do this?

Having fun is the best icebreaker. Changes in context help relationships deepen. Invitations make people feel special.

All kids want to have fun.

Get creative and include your kid/s in the planning process.  This will not only help you get to know you kid, but will provide them with a sense of agency.

Superdads know how to have fun!


Be A Cheerleader!

If and when it is appropriate to give prospects and clients constructive feedback, is completely dependent on the nature of your business. So for the sake of conversation let’s assume your business is one of of advising clients, be it legal, management, marketing, etc.

Would you sit your client down and proceed to let them know all the things they have done wrong?


You would probably lead with what is working, highlight areas that could benefit from improvement, and then present an optimistic action plan for how to move forward in a more successful direction?

Praise your kid/s every chance you get and when the time comes to deliver constructive feedback, when you must be a life advisor, sandwich each piece of critical feedback between two pieces of positive feedback.

Superdads are their kid’s/kids’ biggest fans!


Let Them Fail

The first rule of good marketing says, “If you try to be everything to everyone, you will end up speaking to no one.”

Every client you have made a decision to ask for the exact type of help they wanted and/or needed.

Yet, even if you do everything in your power to help your clients succeed, there is always the chance that they will still fail.

Just like there is not a business in the world that solves every problem for every person, there is not a parent in the world that can solve every problem for their kid/s.

You can’t, and shouldn’t, protect your kids against failure. Instead, give them permission to try new things, let them know that you will love them regardless of whether they “win” or “lose,” and help them recover when they fail. This will ensure that your kid/s grow up to be a resourceful and resilient adult.

Superdads help their kid/s make lemonade when life gives them lemons!

Are you ready to master high performance home parenting and become the Superdad your family deserves? Make sure to check out Rich Legacy’s e-book workbook “8 Ways For Busy Dads To Improve Their Relationship With Their Children (in just eight weeks)” We’ll share the family exercises that we recommend to our clients to help them move from disconnected to connected.


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