5 Reasons Why High-Performing Families Are Changing The Way They Invest In Their Children

It’s nothing new to see those members of society with substantial resources spending money on their children. However, trends suggest that these funds are no longer being spent (entirely) on private schools, music lessons, or SAT tutors. Rather, these high-performing parents are starting to invest in opportunities and experiences that not only encourage children to become high-performers themselves, but also help them develop positive social values, such as self-motivation, grit, and resilience.

For example:

  • prioritizing of self-care
  • cultivating real world life-skills
  • embracing mentorship at an earlier age
  • volunteering locally and internationally
  • exhibiting internal versus external motivation

High-performing families have even begun to utilize private coaches, like those provided by Rich Legacy, to ensure their children grow into well-rounded global citizens who will be able to use their social privilege as an asset rather than a liability.

The reasons why, may surprise you!

5 Reasons Why High-Performing Families Are Changing The Way They Invest In Their Children

High-performing parents understand that these investments, unlike those that focus on short-term success in school:

  1. are a matter of life and death.

The suicide rate in youth has quadrupled since 1950. The highest increases have been seen in the affluent demographic.

Parents who practice self-care and invest in self-care resources for their children are more likely to raise children with high self-worth and healthy self-esteem. These kids learn,

“I am worth investing in. That is something I can be proud of. My health and presence in this family matters.”

People, of all ages, who have high self-worth and good self-esteem are significantly less likely to have thoughts of or take action towards suicide.

  1. help close the revolving door.

Almost half of all men and women in the US between 18-24 live with one or both parents. As many as 60% are still receiving financial support from their parents after college. Even after age 25, more than 25% of all young adults in this country still receive ongoing financial support from their parents.

When kids have high self-worth and healthy self-esteem, parents can begin to introduce more independence. The challenges that come with moments of independence help kids develop vital life skills preparing to really step out on their own. When things get tough, these same children (regardless of their age) have already learned,

“I have grit and I am resilient. I will try to solve this problem on my own before turning to my parents for support.”

People, of all ages, who have grit and
resilience are less dependent on others in all areas of their lives.

  1. help kids uncover their unique passions and purpose.

Kids who feel confident stepping out on their own are less sheltered and gain exposure to more diverse experiences and perspectives. This allows them to cultivate a more expansive worldview, seeing more possibilities. They learn,

“Dad and mom found their passion and purpose doing X. I may not love or even like X, but I know I love B, G, and K. Surely there is a way for me to do that professionally and make good money!”

People, of all ages, who love what they do day in and day out have better mental and physical health throughout their lives.

  1. reduce the need for parents to micro-manage children.

Kids who have found their passion and are driven by a sense of purpose are self-motivated and exhibit self-leadership. They learn,

“Honoring my commitments and doing my part isn’t about avoiding punishment it’s about living up to my potential!”

People, of all ages, who live up to their potential have fewer regrets.

  1. increases the likelihood that children will follow in their parents footsteps versus riding their coattails.

Kids who are self-motivated and exhibit self-leadership will be successful. They can take actions, early and often, towards building their own rich legacy. They learn,

“I can be just as, if not more, successful than my parents.”

People who can create their own success, can do it over and over again!

The Way Forward

If you are a high-performing parent who wants to pass your success skills on to your kids, but you struggle to find the tools, time, and consistency required…

…you are not alone.

It’s stressful when you can’t find the time to give your kids the support and attention they require. There is always the short-term stress and distraction of family conflict and poor performance. Perhaps you are even kept up at night ruminating over potential long-term issues such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders, entitlement, reckless spending, and other self-destructive behaviors that left to chance could begin to impact even the best families.

Before coming to work with us, our clients struggled with these same mental loads everyday.

Working with family coaches, like the one’s that Rich Legacy provides, gives parents peace of mind. Our clients no longer feel guilty about the limited time they have to coach and mentor their children. Our clients know that we have a clear grasp on the values they want to instil in their children. They trust that their Rich Legacy coaches are there for their children when they can’t be.

With Rich Legacy, nothing is left to chance.

After all, a rich legacy is much more than a few healthy trust funds.

The families we work with enjoy the experience of raising children who are motivated, responsible, and understand the value of money. These children aren’t plagued by entitlement, but rather exude gratitude at every turn. A truly rich legacy is knowing that your children, regardless of age, are healthy, focused, passionate, purposeful, and resilient long after you’re gone.


What will your legacy be?


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