5 Reason Entrepreneurial Fathers Feel Guilty

A large part of the Rich Legacy coaching team is made up of adult children of high-performing families. While many of our coaches struggled early in their lives, feeling overshadowed by their parents’ successes, it is our hope that we can use our life experience to help today’s children identify their unique passions, sense of purpose, and boundless success.

However, the real power in the work we do is helping parents connect with and understand the people their children are becoming.

Our experienced coaches are living proof that this family dynamic can not only improve lives, but save lives!

“How would an experience of being truly seen and heard by you affect your child’s development and future?”

This is a question we ask parents everyday.

While most parents already understand that knowing their child is important to both parent and child, too often we find that this awareness brings up feelings of guilt rather than pride.

When asked if he feels guilty, Peter Carruthers, CEO & Founder at Business Warriors explains,

“Always. I am a house-husband with a 10 year old daughter. Whenever she walks in and I’m on a call, or I’m in the middle of something, I have to shoo her out. When the day ends I always feel I haven’t spent enough time with her.”

Harvard Business Review reports –

Men value work flexibility, but are often reluctant to request flexible work arrangements due to fears of being seen as uncommitted and unmanly, and expectations of potential career consequences associated with this stigma. These fears, unfortunately, prove to be well-founded.

Feedback and research combined shines some light on the variables that cause entrepreneurial fathers to feel guilty.

5 Reasons Entrepreneurial Father’s Feel Guilty

When teased apart we see five primary patterns. Father’s feel guilt when:

  • they have to spend time away from their kids
  • they don’t feel they are earning enough
  • they choose to prioritize professional aspirations
  • they think about putting family needs before company needs
  • they don’t feel “man” enough

What Is Guilt?

Art Markman, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology and Marketing at the University of Texas and contributor at Psychology Today explains:

“Guilt is a valuable emotion, because it helps to maintain your ties to the people in your community. It provides a painful consequence for actions that would weaken the groups that you belong to.”

Psychology Today explains, “Guilt and its handmaiden, shame, can paralyze us––or catalyze us into action. Appropriate guilt can function as social glue, spurring one to make reparations for wrongs. Excessive rumination about one’s failures, however, is a surefire recipe for resentment and depression.”

Next Steps

If you are an entrepreneurial father who struggles with guilt, we hope this article brings you comfort. You are not alone and to some degree these feelings of guilt are healthy and usable. However, if you feel that your guilt levels are unusable or unconstructive, check out this follow up article “6 Steps Entrepreneurial Fathers Can Take to Stop Feeling Guilty All The Time


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