Rich Legacy’s

(formerly Both Sides of the Kitchen Table) mission is to help high-performing families empower their children to face the evolving challenges of the digital age.

The reality is the children of these families are growing up in a uniquely challenging culture thanks to the internet and societal pressures.

Parents are naturally struggling to support their children due to the disconnect between their own childhood experiences and those of today’s youth.

Despite their positive intentions, we see parents unknowingly handicapping their children through the use of what appear to be seemingly harmless words and actions.

These often unintentional parenting approaches are hard to recognize for many because they frequently have short term benefits and long term consequences for the child.

The result?

  • 18% of 10-24 year olds have considered suicide in the last 12 months

  • More adults than ever remain living at home well into adulthood

  • A heroin epidemic which is claiming 50,000 lives per year

  • An entire generation known for being, “entitled” and lacking grit

  • Ever increasing reliance on pharmaceuticals for depression, anxiety, and other mental health related issues

It has become more critical than ever to bridge the gap between parents and their children to ensure a better understanding of the child’s perspective.

This is the only way for this generation of children from high-performing families to be supported in a way that affords them the opportunity to maximize their potential by becoming resilient, responsible, empathetic, and grateful adults.

The stakes are monumental…

 Nearly ONE in FIVE children age 10-24 have considered suicide in the past year
(according to recent U.S. study)

Sam Lample

Rich Legacy will help thousands upon thousands of children and their parents navigate the chaotic waters that come with growing up in a high-performing family in the digital age. I can only imagine the positive this will have on the world. Bravo Rich Legacy, Bravo. – Sam Lample MA, LPC, CEDS

How can Rich Legacy help you reduce your stress at home while simultaneously helping ensure they guide their legacy toward an ideal outcome where your children stay out of rehab or prison and off the couch?

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Having both barely escaped prison and death, the founders now utilize the Rich Legacy platform to provide eye-opening insights from the perspective of the child. This approach inspires parents to engage with their children in a way they never dreamed possible.

With a focus on the child’s perspective, Rich Legacy delivers live events, workshops, tools, and family/ individual coaching to support children and their parents as they navigate the unique challenges not found in other types of families.

The Rich Legacy Five Principles of Family Realignment are rooted in the founder’s personal journeys, as well as conversations with thousands of children, parents, and professionals from around the world who come from or work with driven families.

Our mission is to provide the understanding, connection, balancing, influencing, and empowerment needed to ensure a rich and healthy legacy for the families we reach.

Will you leave your legacy to chance?

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