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mission is to provide high-performing families with the tools, experiences, and community they crave as they navigate the unique challenges hidden in today’s high-stress culture.  Our commitment centers around empowering busy parents to develop grateful, hard working, and resilient kids. Regardless of their age, children that contribute to their family, community and themselves by living with passion and purpose.

The biggest regret successful people have on their death bed…Not having a better relationship with their family.

We believe work-life balance is impossible if you are truly driven. However, we now know that work-life integration is possible.

Improving your relationship with your family is just the first step. Without putting focused thought and energy toward teaching your children to live with passion and purpose, it becomes virtually impossible for them to live truly happy and productive lives. It also makes it extremely difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with your children when they don’t share your values.

Imparting essential values, character traits and life-skills lacking in today’s culture is what instills resilient, responsible, empathetic, and grateful adults.

Learn more about a Rich Legacy Family and their journey. Click Here to read their story. The biggest regret successful people have on their death bed…Not having a better relationship with their family.

What can happen if you don’t get your family on track early enough?

  • 18% of 10-24 year olds have considered suicide in the last 12 months

  • More adults than ever remain living at home well into adulthood

  • A heroin epidemic which is claiming 50,000 lives per year

  • An entire generation is known for being, “entitled” and lacking grit

  • Ever increasing reliance on pharmaceuticals for depression, anxiety, and other mental health-related issues

Rich Legacy’s 5 Principles of Strong Families 

  • Connection – While you cannot always increase the quantity of time you spend with your family, you can improve the quality. Through improved relationships, your family will unlock the ability to gain invaluable levels of trust and rapport.

  • Understanding – The resulting trust opens the doors to new insight and understanding about each family members unique needs and wants. By asking better questions, and seeking first to understand, and then to be understood, communication becomes easier and more effective.

  • Balancing – By having a clearer understanding of each other, your family can begin to have honest and open discussions around how to balance the needs and wants of each other for the greater good of the family.

  • Influencing – Effective balancing creates an opportunity to influence behavior and actions which support the whole family versus just the individual. The best part is, the approaches are rooted in collaboration and providing choices that support buy-in from everyone and minimize arguments.

  • Empowering – Allowing your family to learn from their own mistakes and the resulting consequences is critical to building resilience and respect for each other and the world we live in. While difficult for many, the self-esteem, gratitude, and resilience that results are critical for living a life of passion and purpose.

Whether your family is currently struggling or not, committing to building the strongest family possible in today’s culture is the best time and money you can invest.

The stakes are monumental…

Sam Lample

Rich Legacy will help thousands upon thousands of children and their parents navigate the chaotic waters that come with growing up in a high-performing family in the digital age. I can only imagine the positive this will have on the world. Bravo Rich Legacy, Bravo. – Sam Lample MA, LPC, CEDS

How can Rich Legacy help you reduce your stress at home while simultaneously helping to ensure you guide their legacy toward their potential?

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Is Rich Legacy Right for Me?

Please note, Rich Legacy is not for everyone. It takes a special kind of person to embrace the changes required to build the family and life you want. We know what we offer works, but it only works if you put in the effort.

You have invested countless dollars in consultants, coaches, and agency’s. You’ve spent unfathomable hours planning, strategizing, and tweaking your business. But do you have a coach for your family? A documented plan to teach your children life-skills?  Probably not. Most people don’t.

What’s changed? Maybe you just sold your company, or hit a big revenue milestone. Maybe you are doing your estate planning, or just lost a parent. Maybe you are having a mid-life crisis. The catalyst is not of consequence; the point is, you are at a place in your life where you are self-reflective and self-aware.

You know deep down that you are only guaranteed 18 years with your kids. You are starting to truly comprehend that those 18 years will set the tone of your relationship for the rest of your life, and theirs.

If you are ready, and willing to provide your family with the life they deserve, give us a call.

What will your legacy be?

Why Was Rich Legacy Started?

Having barely escaped prison and death, Bradley Callow utilizes the Rich Legacy platform to provide eye-opening insights from the perspective of the child. Based on his experience and research with high-performing families, the approaches to support these families were simply not having the desired impact.

With the suicide rate quadrupling since 195o and the greatest increases being found in the affluent demographic, Callow knew there had to be a better way. He quickly found the this different approach inspires parents to engage with their children in a way they never dreamed possible.

Rich Legacy delivers live retreats, events, workshops, tools, and family/ individual coaching to support children and their parents as they navigate the unique challenges not always found in other families.

Rich Legacy’s Five Principles of Stronger Families are rooted in the founder’s personal journey, as well as conversations with thousands of children, parents, and clinical professionals from around the world who come from or work with driven families.

For more about Rich Legacy, click here.

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